Mozart Balls Austria

Mozart Balls from Austria

Mozart balls are the most famous sweet from Austria. These are small chocolate balls that contain a refined combination of nougat and marzipan. Chocolate Mozart balls are a typical gifts and souvenirs when traveling to Austria. It is produced in Salzburg (Mirabell) and Vienna (Victor Schmidt, Heindl), it was first conceived in 1890 and named after the famous Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In our online shop you can buy genuine Mozart balls in different packages and gift boxes.

Austrian Mozart Balls Chocolate

Mozart Balls Gift Box Mirabell
€ 18,99
Manner Mozart Cubes
€ 2,99
Mozart cup with Mozart rounds
€ 16,99
Mozart cup
€ 17,99
Mozart balls Heindl bag 7 pcs.
€ 6,99
Mozart hearts Heindl 14 pcs.
€ 9,99
Mozart Balls Heindl box
€ 11,99

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