Hesperiden Vinegar Mautner 1L

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Hesperiden Vinegar Mautner Markhof Austria.

Hesperiden Vinegar Mautner Markhof Austria.

Content: 1 Litre

Hesperiden vinegar is a special blend of ethyl alcohol, wine vinegar and the taste of sun-ripenedapples. It is named  after the guardians of the apple grove of the goddess Hera. These nymphs were watching in a beautiful garden, a tree with golden apples grow the Gaia to Hera on her marriage with Zeus did. The apples gave the Gods eternalyouth.

Hesperiden Vinegar - Austria's most popular vinegar lends its inimitable taste mainly to potatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.

- Pure vinegar fermentation from 87% ethyl alcohol, 10% wine vinegar, apple juice concentrate.
- Natural fermentation process
- 7.5% acidity

The traditional company Mautner Markhof from Vienna was founded in 1841 by Knight Ignaz Mautner from Markhof.

Hesperiden Vinegar Mautner Markhof original

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