Carinthia Souvenirs

Carinthia is one of the Austrian provinces, located in the south of the country and is known for its beautiful lakes, whose crystal clear and warm water is suitable for swimming and water sports. In our online shop you can buy souvenirs from Carinthia. Carinthia's most famous lake is the Wörthersee with the famous Schlosshotel Velden. The provincial capital of Carinthia is Klagenfurt.

Snow Globe Carinthia
€ 9,99
Sticker Carinthia coat of arms
€ 1,99
Patch Wörthersee
€ 5,99
Beer Glass Carinthia 0,5L
€ 12,99
Mug Carinthia
€ 14,99
Shot Glasses Carinthia 6pcs Set
€ 34,99
Fridge Magnet Wörthersee 3D
€ 4,99
Wall Plate Wörthersee Carinthia
€ 17,99
Fridge Magnet Carinthia
€ 2,99
Sticker Wörthersee
€ 1,99
Wörthersee Velden 3D Building
€ 8,99
Glass Carinthia 0,25L
€ 24,99
Wall Calendar Carinthia 2022
€ 15,99