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Manner Wafers Vienna Austria. Most popular Austrian wafers producers: Manner, Pischinger and Auer. The confectionery manufacturer Manner produces high quality wafers with chocolate in the heart of Austria (Vienna). The Josef Manner company was founded in 1890 in Vienna and is one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in Austria today. The company is still family owned, with over a hundred years of tradition. The company's best-known product are the Manner Neapolitan wafers, introduced in 1898. We recommend also Manner SouvenirsManner Wafers Online Shop Vienna Austria.

Manner Gift Box
€ 38,99
Gift Box Sweets from Austria
€ 39,99
Orange Hearts Manner
€ 5,99
Nougatcreme Knödel Manner
€ 6,99
Raspberry Wafers Manner
€ 3,99
Manner Mignon Hazelnut Wafers
€ 5,99
Manner Whole Grain Wafers
€ 1,40
Manner Whole Grain Wafers Bag
€ 5,99
Lemon Wafers Manner
€ 5,99
Coconut Wafers Manner
€ 5,99
Jelly Gingerbread Manner
€ 3,99
Cranberry Gingerbread Manner
€ 3,99
Chocolate Gingerbread Manner
€ 3,99
Manner Liqueur 0,5L
€ 17,99

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