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Neapolitaner Manner Wafers Austria

Practical packaging of 4 pieces Neapolitaner Manner wafers, packed in cellophane foil.

Original Neapolitaner Manner wafers are the classic and world-famous Manner wafers from Austria. The crispy Manner wafers are the  delicious waffles filled with the finest hazelnut cream layers.

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Austrian Original Neapolitaner Manner wafers are made of five layers of wafers filled with four layers of cocoa hazelnut cream. The size of each wafer is inspired by the size of the mouth. The typical, two-layer pink aluminum foil as a cover with the red tear thread was developed in 1960 and keeps the Manner wafers still crispy and fresh.

Original Neapolitaner Manner wafers from Austria have accompanied people for generations in unaltered quality and practical package. You can use them as a small nice birthday present, as a small snack that fits in your pocket or as a refreshment when hiking in the Alps.

The austrian company Manner produces the Original Neapolitaner Manner wafers with great thorouggness exclusively in Austria - so when you search for something really "Made in Austria", the manner wafers are the real thing for you. Manner emphasises great importance to the production in order to enjoy an excellent Manner wafers quality. Traditional Manner original recipes keep the strict quality criteria: produced without hydrogenated fats, no additional chemical colors or preservatives, UTZ-certified cocoa (from cocoa farmers who practice sustainable cocoa cultivation).

Neapolitaner Manner Wafers Austria Vienna

Original Neapolitaner Manner wafers in our personal experience: Manner wafer have an ideal size that fits to the mouth. At the first bite you will be impressed with the crispy enjoyment. It's a wonderful experience when your teeth bite through the five layers of wafers. Then the waffles and cocoa layers are mixed and melted on the tongue. Than you can feel a pleasant taste that combines sweetness with hazelnuts and lasts a long time. The Manner wafers are the unique delight.

The founder of Manner company, Josef Manner, ran a small shop in Vienna near St. Stephen's Cathedral, where he sold chocolates and coffee. But he was not satisfied with the quality and founded his own chocolate factory "Josef Manner" in 1890. The famous St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna was chosen as a company logo and remains today on all Manner wafers and gingerbread as a landmark of the Manner company.

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When were the Austrian Manner Neapolitaner wafers brought into beeing? The Viennese could taste Manner wafers (Schnitten) for the first time in 1898. First, the Neapolitan Manner wafers were sold as a single small waffles. Why? Because from this very reason could the less wealthy people from time to time buy the great waffles.

Manner wafers Neapolitaner original Vienna Austria buy online 4pcs

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