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Soletti Salty Sticks Austria

Salzstangen Soletti Salty Sticks Salzstangerl from Austria.

Salty Sticks Soletti 

- Salt sticks Soletti - the light snack with only 2.6% fat.
- Salzstangen Soletti - ideal carbohydrate and mineral supplier.
- Soletti are free from artificial flavor enhancers.
- Salty sticks are free from flavors - no dyes - no preservatives.
- Salzstangen were awarded the AMA seal of quality.
- in Styria Austria produced with Austrian ingredients.
- Soletti Salzstangen are available in the 250g family pack.  

The brand Soletti was created in 1949 in the bakery Zach in Feldbach in Styria (Austria). Today, the Soletti brand is one of the best and most well-known brands in Austria.

Since 1949 one of the most popular television snacks of the Austrians has been produced in Austria: the thin, salty pretzel sticks called Soletti. Meanwhile, the successful product of flour, water, salt and yeast is gnawed in 40 countries.

Salzstangen Soletti

Incidentally, the name Soletti comes from the sun. When one has searched for a name, he should be as southern as possible. Saletti was the first suggestion, then it became Soletti. The Soletti Pretzel recipe is a closely guarded secret, as is the production.

The mascot that can be seen on every pack of Soletti is called Joe Soletti.

Calories pro 100 gr: 1601 kJ, 378 kcal

Soletti sticks Ingredients: wheat flour, salt, palm oil, yeast, sugar, wheat malt, acidity regulator: sodium hydroxide.

Salzstangerl Soletti Salty Sticks Salzstangen Austria Vienna

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