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Manner Minis 60pcs.

60 x 15g original Manner Neapolitaner minis in the XL box.

The Manner Minis are very small Manner wafers, each containing two in a cellophane wrapper. Manner Minis are perfect as a small snack, part of the gift box or small sweets to the cup of coffee. Box size: 19 x 18 x 16 cm.

Manner Minis wafers

Original Neapolitaner Manner wafers are the classic and world-famous Manner wafers from Vienna, Austria. The crispy Manner wafers are the  delicious waffles filled with the finest hazelnut cream layers.

The original Neapolitaner Manner wafers were produced in 1898 by Josef Manner in Vienna, Austria. The size of the Manner wafers and the basic recipe are always exactly the the same. About 2 packs of Neapolitaner Manner wafers are eaten around the world every second. In other words, in one year 630 million Original Neapolitaner Manner wafers are sold and eaten.

The Viennese company Manner produces the Manner Mini wafers with great thorouggness exclusively in Austria - so when you search for something really "Made in Austria", the manner wafers are the real thing for you. Manner emphasises great importance to the production in order to enjoy an excellent Manner wafers quality. Traditional Manner original recipes keep the strict quality criteria: produced without hydrogenated fats, no additional chemical colors or preservatives, UTZ-certified cocoa (from cocoa farmers who practice sustainable cocoa cultivation).

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Manner Minis wafers Neapolitaner mini buy online Vienna Austria

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