Manner Gingerbread Mix Assortment

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Manner Gingerbread Mix Assortment

A varied mix of different Manner gingerbread. Some gingerbreads are covered with dark chocolate, some gingerbread with milk chocolate, another icing or sprinkled with ornamental balls. The large pack contains half a kilo of gingerbread from Manner, so it takes quite a long time.

Manner Gingerbread Mix Assortment Vienna

Manner gingerbread Assortment Vienna is available from September to April.

Manner gingerbread Assortment in our personal experience: At first I was surprised by a really big bag. The other Manner gingerbreads are mostly smaller, but this gingerbread mixture is packed in a big 32 cm high bag, which is really completely filled with gingerbread to the top (not like other manufacturers sometimes - a big bag and the content only half of it and the remaining half is the inflated bag with air). In addition, half a kilo of gingerbread is very noticeable in the hand, so a great offer for the whole family. The gingerbread mixture contains 70 pieces of relatively large gingerbread. There are two types of gingerbread in the pack: classic gingerbread with a light icing or chocolate icing in various forms. They are excellent. Even better, there is gingerbread with a white frosting, but it hides a delicate orange flavor (really tender, no excess fruit flavor). This gives them a fresh taste, yet sweet and unmistakable. I highly recommend Manner Gingerbread Mix!

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Manner Gingerbread Mix Assortment Allerlei Austria Vienna

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