Alpine Herbal Balm Unterweger

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Alpine Herbal Balm Unterweger.

Alpine Herbal Balm from Tyrol, Austria.

Alpine herbal balm with pure alpine herbal extracts.

Inhalt: 100 ml

Alpine herbal balsam - invigorating, refreshing; Promotes warmth and circulation of the skin.

Alpine Herbal Balm 2 - 3 x for massaging the skin.

Alpine Herbal Balm is free of paraben, paraffins, silicones and mineral oils. Without artificial fragrances and without preservatives.

Unterweger Tyrolean company produces natural cosmetics from mountain herbs and whistling ointment. The company was founded already in 1886 by the brothers Johann and Ignaz Unterweger.

Alpine Herbal Balm Unterweger

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