Coconut Wafers Manner

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Manner Wafers


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Coconut Wafers Manner Bag

Cocos wafers Manner - crunchy waffles in classic Neapolitaner size with coconut cream filling of 80%.

Coconut Wafers Manner

The delicious Manner Coconut Wafers in a family pack.

The Taste of Coconut in Classic Manner Style: Manner Coco Slices - Manner Coconut Waffles.

The Manner Coco wafers contain high-quality ingredients such as coconut milk powder and fine coconut flakes and have no artificial aromas in them. Manner Koko's cuts contain five layers of tender waffle alternating with four layers of coconut cream filling. The size of each wafer is inspired by the size of the mouth. The Manner Coconut slices are packed in a resealable bag of 400g. So you can simply open the packaging several times, nibble and close again.

We are pleased to announce, that we deliver Austrian Cocos Manner wafers to USA, Great Britain (UK), Australia, Canada, Europe, China, Japan - and worldwide.

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Coconut Wafers Manner Bag Cocos Vienna Austria

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