Mozart Balls Chocolate Bar Mirabell Mozarttafel

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Mozart Balls Chocolate Bar Mirabell

Mirabell Mozarttafel is a praline chocolate bar, which is similar to the Salzburg Mozartkugeln produced. The difference between classical Mozart balls is that the Mozarttafel has a lot more chocolate in it and is made with fine milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate.

Mozart Balls Mozarttafel

The Mozarttafel Mirabell has predetermined breaking points, so that it can easily be broken into bite-sized pieces. The interior is made of small green pistachio nutmeg with nougat cream and all wrapped in dark chocolate. The cross section of the Mozart Balls Chocolate Bar can also be seen directly on the packaging.

The company Mirabell from the town Salzburg - the birth place of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - is the largest Austrian producer of Mozart Balls. The name of the company is related to the Mirabell Palace in Salzburg. The traditional company was founded in 1897 in Grödig near Salzburg. 

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Mozart Balls Chocolate Bar Mirabell Mozarttafel Austria

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