Mozart Chocolate Coins Mozarttaler Mirabell 48 pcs.

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Mozart Chocolate Medallions Mirabell Big Pack

The entire packaging has the following dimensions: 21 cm long, 19 cm wide and 7 cm high and content 48 pcs Mirabell Mozarttaler.

Mirabell Mozart Chocolate Medallions are round chocolate sweets filled with nougat cream and marzipan cream. The difference between classical Mozart balls is that the Mozart Coins have a lot more chocolate in it and with fine milk chocolate instead of dark. That's why the Mozart Medallions taste a little sweeter. The filling with Mozartkugeln is: 55% nougat, 6% marzipan. Mirabell Mozart Medallions Coins contains 38% nougat cream and 11% marzipan.

Mozart Chocolate Coins Mozarttaler Mirabell

Each Mozart chocolate medallion is carefully wrapped in golden foil and decorated with a portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The transparent foil pouch makes it possible to see Mozart Coins directly inside. Such an attractive gift is an eye-catcher already at the handover. The red and gold colors suggests something typical Austrian and valuable. Single Mozarttaler has a diameter of about 5.2 cm (2 inch) and about 0.6 cm in height. The Bonboniere is 26 cm long, 14 cm wide and about 3 cm high.

We are pleased to announce, that we deliver Austrian Chocolate Mozarttaler Mirabell to USA, Great Britain (UK), Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, New Zeland, India - and worldwide.

The company Mirabell from Salzburg - the birth place of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - is the largest Austrian producer of Mozart Balls. The name of the company is related to the Mirabell Palace in Salzburg. The traditional company was founded in 1897 in Grödig near Salzburg.

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Mozart Chocolate Coins Mozarttaler Mirabell Medallions big pack XXL

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