Mirabell Mozart Balls transparent bag 16 pcs.

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Mirabell Mozart Balls bag

Do you know, what most of tourists from all over the world buy as a souvenir from Austria? Yes, you are right! They buy the real Mozart Balls Mirabell! There is no better choice if you want to buy something typical Austrian for your friends or acquaintances.

Mirabell Mozart Balls Salzburg

Mirabell Mozart Balls bag contains 16 pieces of genuine Salzburg Mozartkugeln from Austria.

Mirabell Mozart Balls (in Austria known as Mozartkugeln) are round pralines with the light and dark nougat cream (55%) and marzipan (6%) that are coated with a delicious dark chocolate.

The Salzburger Mirabell Mozart Balls are the perfectly round - other manufacturers do not succeed in creating such a perfectly round Mozartkugel. The Mozart Balls Mirabell consist of several layers that together make a real delicious joy. Its core is made up of a small green piece of pistachio marzipan, followed by dark nougat cream, light nougat cream and this all is coated in the dark chocolate. The cross-section of the Mozartkugeln you can see directly on the packaging.

The company Mirabell from Salzburg - the birth place of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - is the largest Austrian producer of Mozart Balls. The name of the company is related to the Mirabell Palace in Salzburg. The traditional company was founded in 1897 in Grödig near Salzburg. It takes more than 2 hours of production time to make the genuine Austrian Mozart Balls from Mirabell and you have to make fourteen important manufacturing steps. 

Each Mirabell Mozart Ball is carefully wrapped in golden foil and decorated with a portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The transparent foil pouch makes it possible to see Mozart Balls directly inside. Such an attractive gift is an eye-catcher already at the handover. The red and gold colors suggests something typical Austrian and valuable.

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Mirabell Mozart Balls Salzburg transparent bag Austria Vienna

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