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Linden Honey Darbo

A real lick of honey is the pleasure of the Darbo linden honey, a fine, creamy specialty with a slightly fresh, minty taste. The "fine linden honey" has a pleasantly creamy consistency.

From the famous company Darbo from Tyrol in Austria. Darbo company has been producing jams and juices since 1879.

What is cream honey (non-drip)? Blossom honey in particular has an unpleasant tendency to crystallize and thus become harder. What is annoying for consumers (and can be reversed by gentle warming, for example in a water bath), the beekeeper takes advantage of in the production of cream honey: by stirring fresh honey vigorously for a few minutes every day, the beekeeper breaks the crystals and rounds it off over time. If he does this to the right extent, the alabaster-colored cream honey will appear after a few days, which is hardly liquid and can still be smoothly painted.

Lindey Honey Darbo Austria

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