Hazelnut Schnapps Bauer 1L

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Hazelnut schnapps

Hazelnut Schnaps from austrian company Bauer with the name Kuss der Haselnuss (which means A hazelnut kiss).

Alcohol content: 33% vol.
Content: 1 liter

This Bauer hazelnut schnapps was distilled twice and bottled by the Franz Bauer distillery in Graz.
Awards: Gold in 2014 at the World Spirits Awards.

Austrian Hazelnut Schnapps 

Color: clear with a light gold hue.
Flavor: fine, hazelnut.
Finish: Long lasting, nougat.
This Bauer hazelnut schnapps tastes best pure on ice or to refine fine desserts.

Franz Bauer distillery: First-class spirits have been produced in Graz city in Austria for more than 90 years. Styrian fruit brandies, schnapps and liqueurs offer enjoyment for every taste.

Hazelnut Schnapps Bauer Austria

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