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Apricot Schnapps

Apricot Schnapps from Austria.

Apricot Schnapps Austria.

Put but three apricots on the table to fill the entire room with the scent of apricot. The soft scent of fully ripe fruits makes this Apricot Schnapps from Austria so pleasant and unique! Its aftertaste is subtle, fleshy and succulent with a polite, blushing almond shade.

Alcohol content: 40%

Content: 0,7 Litre 

Apricot Schnapps

Only sun-ripened and hand-picked apricots from the Southern Tyrolean orchards of Vinschgau are utilised for this blissful fruit schnapps. These fruits adore warmth and sunshine, not too much rain, abundant wind and loose, not too rich soil: the Vinschgau valley provides it all to make our apricots thrive!

The Apricot Schnapps best releases its fruity aroma when served in tulip-shaped brandy glasses at a drinking temperature of between 16 and 20°C.

Where does the apricot come from?

The “Marille” designation for apricot is used customarily in Austria, Southern Tyrol and parts of Bavaria. The fruits were already known in Armenia in ancient times. Because they were cultivated there long ago, it has become an accepted fact that apricots stem from Armenia. The botanical name „Prunus armeniaca“ is also based on this derivation. Other sources suggest that China might be genetically its country of origin, whereas other arguments are strongly in favour of India as place of the apricot’s original cultivation.


Nowadays apricots are produced especially in Mediterranean countries like Spain or Italy. However, also in more northerly regions like Vinschgau in Southern Tyrol and Wachau in Austria, where these succulent fruits are harvested between mid-July and mid/end of August.

Tiroler Kräuter Destillerie (Tyrolean Herb Distillery) produces since 1916 real Tyrolean specialties of the best and natural quality: Purest brandies, fruity schnapps, real fruit juice liqueurs, original Tyrolean Jagatee, soothing herb bitters, clear herbal liqueurs, the unique and popular ice and fire liqueurs.
Since time immemorial, Tyrolean farmers have produced spirits from fruit, herbs, seeds, berries and roots - as elixirs of life and home remedies. The profound experience of the forefathers thus forms the basis for the good things we make.
Our principles of working preserve traditions. Many herbs, roots, seeds and berries come from the high pastures of the Tyrolean Mountains and are delivered by Tyrolean mountain farmers who focus on traditional farming and cultivation methods, in the most excellent and freshest quality. At Tiroler Kräuterdestillerie, these precious ingredients are steeped in alcohol and distilled after a long and careful maceration. This gentle proceeding preserves the precious substances of the plants, which makes the Tiroler Kräuterdestillerie products such unique delicacies!
All Kräuterdestillerie products are genuine Tyrolean! They are produced with a strong emphasis on natural and gentle processing - exclusively in Tyrol - and offer full and natural pleasure to all supporters of high quality standards.


Apricot Schnapps Austria Tiroler Kräuterdestillerie