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Gurktaler Herbal Liqueur - Alpine Herbal Liqueur.

Austrian Herbal Liqueur Gurktaler - Alpine Herbal Liqueur.

The herbal liqueur Gurktaler, symbolised by Gurk Cathedral, is a traditional, Austrian product of the highest standard with a distinguished taste.

The herbal liqueur from the picturesque Gurktal Valley, which is located in the southern part of Austria, is also an acclaimed Gold Medal winner: The World-Spirits Award 2013 awarded our Gurktaler Alpenkräuter herbal liqueur with a Gold Medal in the category “bitters”.

Alcohol content: 27%

Content: 0,7 Litre 

Gurktaler is distinguished from other half-bitter beverages (prepared with dried herbs) because it also uses the freshest Gurktal Valley herbs from Carinthia. 
Gurktaler is the mild Alpine herbal liqueur for all those with a discerning taste for a speciality. Gurktaler brings you its mild and delicate herbal taste thanks to the use of fresh alpine herbs from the Gurktal Valley in Carinthia. Gurk is the market town where the secret herbal extract is produced in the Court of the Provost in Gurk Cathedral. 

A bottle of “Gurktaler Alpenkräuter” is also highly prized by tourists, who like to take a piece of Austrian alpine nature back home with them.

Austrian Herbal Liqueur Gurktaler - Alpine Herbal Liqueur.

The herb plants are cultivated in the cathedral cloister gardens and meadows in the Gurktal Valley during springtime. The first harvest occurs around mid-June. The herbs are cut by hand and packed by variety into boxes. The herbs are taken to the cathedral at the earliest opportunity. Here, they are weighed and inspected for cleanliness, variety, moisture and freshness. The herbs are then covered with alcohol for a specific number of days, in order to extract the valuable properties of the herbs. Afterwards, the herbs are separated from the extract. This extract is then stored – according to its variety or species – into stainless steel tanks. The master blending of the herbal extracts to produce Gurktaler Alpenkräuter herbal liqueur remains top secret.

Austrian Herbal Liqueur Gurktaler - Alpine Herbal Liqueur

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