Knabbernossi Classic 11 pcs

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Sausage, Bacon


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Knabbernossi Classic

The original Knabbernossi Classic - the most famous sausages, which you can put in your pocket or backpack for a trip to nature.

Knabbernossi Classic Family XXL

This snack sausage is made of lean beef, pork and spices.

Pack of 11 pieces kabanos, each individually in its bag. Therefore, you can divide them at home or take them one by one without drying. The length of the sausage is approximately 19 cm.

Bringing a Knabbernossi Snack Man to school or on a trip is also really practical because each Knabber Nossi Snack Man is wrapped individually and does not have to be kept in the fridge!

Knabbernossi – Austria's number one snack sausage. The Knabber Nossi brand has been on the Austrian market since 1979.

Knabber Nossi Calories in 100g: 2240kJ, 544kcal.

Knabbernossi Classic Austria

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