Wiberg Masala Aphrodite - aphrodisiac spice mixture

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 The flavourful mix of aphrodisiacal herbs and spices.

Selected spices, vegetables and herbs with refreshing sweet and sour taste, a little sharp after ginger and pink pepper. The mixture is suitable for lean meats such as chicken or fish, also for salads, cheese specialties, baked fruits, sweet dishes, desserts, chocolate or as an original decoration.

Ingredients: carrot pieces, pineapple pieces, raspberry granulate, pink pepper, cumin, black cumin, lovage seeds, black sesame, bananas granulate, lemon zest, chilli, blackberry granulate, parsley, cardamom, fenugreek seeds, cornflower petals, ginger extract, coriander leaves, spice extract.

470 ml (approx. 110 gr), aroma safe packaging

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