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Marmot Ointment from Tyrol, Austria.

Marmot ointment from Tyrol.

Marmot ointment is a popular, proven traditional liniment widely used and available in Alpine areas as it has been for centuries.

Marmot ointment helps with Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout, Cramp, Tendonitis.

In autumn the fat is pure white, it contains only 10-12 % water and is rich in vitamins D and E marmots in the high mountain regions.

Massages with this Marmot Ointment activate the skin’s microcirculation, invigorate muscles and joints and release tension from the body.

Marmot ointment relieves joint pains, strains and sore muscle.

Content: 100 ml

Marmot ointment contains no paraffin.

Marmot ointment Application:
Apply morning and night by massaging into the skin over the affected area. Use for 3 weeks. Pause for a week before resuming use if necessary.

Unterweger Tyrolean company produces natural cosmetics from mountain herbs and whistling ointment. The company was founded already in 1886 by the brothers Johann and Ignaz Unterweger.

Marmot ointment Austria Tyrolean

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