Tyrolean Stone Oil House Ointment

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Tyrolean Stone Oil House Ointment - for decades it has proved to be a very good strain, on slight inflammation and frostbite.

Tyrolean Stone Oil House Ointment.

Tyrolean Shale Oil House Ointment - a specialty of exceptional quality and variety in the application. For decades it has proved to be a very good strain, on slight inflammation and frostbite. Tiroler Steinöl-Haussalbe is an indispensable part of a well-stocked house apothecary.

Content: 100 ml

Areas of application for Tyrolean stone oil Haussalbe.

Tyrolean stone oil house effect Effect:
The Tiroler Steinölhaussalbe is an ointment intended for external use with an anti-inflammatory effect. The active substance used is a distillate which is obtained from oil shale. It is used as a pulling ointment and for mild inflammatory skin discomfort.

100g Tyrolean Rock Oil House Ointment contain: Active ingredient: 10.0 g Tyrolean stone oil distilled. Other ingredients: beeswax yellow (Cera flava), lanolin (Cera Lanae), Vaseline white (Vaselinum album).

Tyrolean stone oil is always been an integral part of Tyrolean medicine. The tyrolean shale oil contains bound sulphur, which exerts its effect on health.

Thanks to the high concentration of naturally bound sulphur, Tyrolean rock oil has the extraordinary beneficial and nourishing effects on animals and humans.

Tyrolean rock comes from from the oil shale which is over 180 million years old. In 1902, Martin Albrecht, a collector of minerals, discovered oil shale deposits on the shore of Lake Achen at Pertisau. His family still extracts the oil and trades in it.

Tyrolean Stone Oil Effect:

The special active ingredients, which originate from early seasals and plants and are contained in the Tyrolean stone oil, are called the healing heritage of the sea. It can be used for instance as a gentle care product for your skin and hair - or as a part of the household remedy of the aching locomotor system and for rheumatic pains. Tyrolean stone oil is used mainly in the treatment of skin problems, such as acne or psoriasis, in the case of bruises as so-called Zugalalbe as well as with rheumatism.

In the cosmetic field, Tyrolean stone oil is used in the form of oil baths, creams, ointments, lotions, soaps, shower baths and shampoos.

Since more than 110 years the family Albrecht from Pertisau at the Achensee has been producing Tyrolean stone oil. In 1902, Martin Albrecht sen. on the Seeberg come across this special oil. This oil is mined to this day by the Albrecht family in the Bächental - a side valley in the Karwendel mountain range - at 1500 m above sea level and processed into Tyrolean stone oil.

Tyrolean Stone Oil House Ointment

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