Mountain Pine Rubbing Alcohol Unterweger

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Mountain Pine Rubbing Alcohol from Tyrol, Austria.

Mountain Pine Rubbing Alcohol Unterweger.

Mountain Pine Rubbing Alcohol is known as an old home remedy.

Mountain Pine Rubbing Alcohol with real Tyrolean mountain pine oil.

Content: 250 ml

Mountain Pine Rubbing Alcohol contains 60% alcohol with menthol. Pleasant relaxation; Stimulates circulation of the skin.

Apply 2-3 times a day to desired body parts such as muscles and joints, forehead temples and neck. Pleasant before and after physical exertion, with fatigue and tense.

Unterweger Tyrolean company produces natural cosmetics from mountain herbs and whistling ointment. The company was founded already in 1886 by the brothers Johann and Ignaz Unterweger.

Mountain Pine Rubbing Alcohol Unterweger

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