Julius Meinl Caffé Crema Intenso Beans 1kg

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Caffé Crema Julius Meinl Coffee

The Julius Meinl Caffe Crema rich mixture consists of selected beans from South America and Asia and is characterized by a full and strong aroma, a persistent aftertaste and a very creamy crema. Ideal for preparation with milk.

Product name: Trend Collection Julius Meinl Caffé Crema Intenso
Contents: 1 kilogram, whole bean
Variety: Arabica and Robusta
Cream: Creamy and brown
Taste: Chocolaty & balanced

Intenso Caffé Crema coffee is ideal for preparing cappuccino, latte and other milk coffee specialties.

Julius Meinl is proud to have been THE ambassador of Viennese coffee house culture since 1862. Thanks to its status as the first professional coffee roaster in Europe and constant innovation, Julius Meinl has established a unique and highly successful coffee culture that is rooted in Viennese tradition.

Julius Meinl I was the first in the world to offer roasted coffee beans. Not only was he a good trader, he was also a gifted inventor. In 1877 he invented the technique of drum roasting coffee. This is where the company's success begins. Until now, it was only possible to buy green coffee and fry it in a pan at home.

Intenso Julius Meinl Caffé Crema Trend Collection Austria Vienna

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