Cap Edelweiss Austria pink

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Baseball Cap Edelweiss Austria

Baseball cap Edelweiss - Souvenir from Austria.

Material: cotton

Baseball cap Edelweiss Austria 

Baseball Cap Edelweiß Austria pink.

Baseball Cap Edelweiss with beautiful embroidery - patch design: Edelweiss plus inscription Austria.

Color: pink, patch white

Size: Universal size (onesize) infinitely adjustable

Baseball cap Edelweiss - an ideal gift for your friends. Baseball cap Edelweiss Austria is a souvenir, a memory for you or your friends and acquaintances who will surely make a joy of the souvenir from Austria.

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Edelweiss is a well-known mountain flower. As a scarce, short-lived flower found in remote mountain areas, the plant has been used as a symbol for alpinism, for rugged beauty and purity associated with the Alps and as a national symbol especially of Austria. There is a folklore associated with the edelweiss in which it is stated that giving this flower as a gift to a loved one is a promise of dedication.
The common name is from the German word "Edelweiß" as a compound of edel "noble" and weiß "white."

Baseball cap Edelweiss Austria Souvenir

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