Alpine Style Hat Melkerhut gray

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Alpine Style Hat


Material: wool
Color: anthracite - dark gray

Rustic milking hat made of 100% wool, double wrapped with hemp ribbon. Please dry slowly and never put on the heater.

Available colors: brown, anthracite (dark gray), beige, light gray marbled.

Please choose your size at the end of the order (write the size in the note box): 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61.

The size is given in centimeters! Please measure the circumference of your head above the ears with a flexible measuring tape. If a measure other than centimeters is used in your country, please use a conversion table from inches to centimeters, for example.

We also recommend buying hat pins with typical austrian motifs such as edelweiss flower, gentian, deer, fish, cottage, Alps, mountains, Austrian coat of arms and Tyrol. In Austria, it is a traditional custom to decorate your hat with a small bunch of mountain flowers or a badge.

Austrian hats alpine style

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