Sweet Pepper Chicken Sauce Canned Inzersdorfer

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Sweet Pepper Chicken Sauce Canned

Ready-to-eat meal - canned chicken with sweet pepper sauce. Classic Austrian canned food that can only be heated and adds dumplings or pasta as a side dish.

Pepper chicken canned from our personal experience: A canned food satiates two medium-hungry eaters or an adult who is quite hungry. The meat is cut into pieces and there is a decent amount of it. The sauce is thick, it can be diluted a little with water. However, the paprika chicken has an excellent taste and the sauce has a smooth consistency. One of my favorite foods when I need to quickly prepare a can for lunch. Best with dumplings or noodles.

The content of canned pepper chicken is 400 grams. The meat comes from Austria and was cooked as normal, just like at home. Thanks to the heating, preservatives are not necessary for the Inzersdorfer tins. Cans generally have a shelf life of up to several years. After opening, you should store the canned food in the refrigerator and it is best to consume it within 3 days. 

If you want to buy the pepper chicken can in larger quantities, there is always the manufacturer packaging with 6 pieces. In this multi-pack we also receive canned foods from the supplier.

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Inzersdorfer company is the most popular Austrian manufacturer of canned foods and ready meals. The Austrian company was founded in Vienna in 1870.

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