Sparkling Wine Violet Spitz

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Sparkling Wine

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Sparkling Wine Violet Spitz.

Sparkling Wine Violet.

Spitz violet sparkling wine is unique due to its delicate and unmistakable taste. Made from real violets, the sparkling wine provides a distinctive bouquet. The new variety is also ideal as the base for a violet spritzer.

Fabulous tingling sensation - unmistakable hint of real violets.

Awarded the silver medal by the German Agricurtural Society (DLG). 

Content: 0,75 Litre

Enjoy the tingle at any celebration. Spitz refines this tingle with delicate fruity notes, lending the sparkling wine its unique flavour. Fruity and fresh, neat or as a basis for new trend drinks, Spitz sparkling wine is a real bubbly delight.

Company Spitz was founded in 1857, with residence in Linz (Upper Austria).

Sparkling Wine Violet Spitz 

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