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Sportgummi Egger sweets

Sportgummi Egger sweets to buy. Candy from Austria, Vienna.

Sportgummi Egger Candy

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The Sportgummi Egger is an Austrian classic. The only fruit gum with active sportiness. It has balanced ingredients such as dextrose as a fast energy donor, sugar and starch as long-term energy sources, as well as cooking salt to compensate for salt loss during physical stress. In addition, the sports rubber has an inimitable freshness and full-bodiedness.

Sportgummi Egger - the sporty fruit gum always makes a good figure and has been enthusiastic for decades, big and small - and that for about 80 years. The fruit rubber with corners and edges is always and everywhere a hit. Nothing like the sweet original!

The original Egg sports gongs inspire tangerine, orange, grape, raspberry and cherry in the flavors. The Nasch classic is an original Austrian product and is produced in Vienna. Recently, the popular fruit gum has also been available in the Sportgummi Cola-Mix Sauer variety with the flavors of cola, orange and lemon. The Sportgummi Egger is lactose- and gluten-free.

Sportgummi Egger Bonbons

And how did the sports rubber come to his name?
Shortly after its introduction, the Egger Sportgummi was still called Egger-Fruchtgummi. This was sold in small bags to 15 g at public events. During this time, there was the following action: Everyone who brought a total of 1,000 empty Egger fruit bags into the factory got 1 kg of fruit free. Sly, young Viennese did not collect the packs they had emptied themselves, but also stormed the sports fields and stadia. After the game, the discarded fruit-rubber bags were collected, counted, and packaged. These young people are said to have given the Egger fruit the nickname "Sportgummi". And so from the Egger fruit gum became a piece of Austrian Naschtradition.

Sportgummi Egger Bonbons

The Sportgummi Egger Candy produced Austrian company Egger directly in Vienna. The family business Egger was founded in 1870 and 1907 the k.u.k. Court title as a supplier for Emperor Franz Joseph got.

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Sportgummi Egger ingredients: Zucker, Glucosesirup, Gelatine, Dextrose, Säuerungsmittel: Citronensäure; Kochsalz, Holunderbeersaftkonzentrat, Aroma, Kurkumawurzelextrakt, Algenextrakt (Spirulina platensis).

Sportgummi Egger Kalories pro 100g: 342 kcal/1454 kJ.

Sportgummi Egger Candy Sweets Austria Vienna 

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