Rachenputzer Sweets Egger

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Rachenputzer Candy Egger

Rachenputzer sweets Egger – The powerful cough sweet with vitamin C.

The real throat cleansers are as they are called: strong in the taste, with exquisite herbs and much vitamin C. Throat cleansers - the name keeps what he promises! The herbal mixture with the original throat cleanser consists of eucalyptus, sage, thyme, peppermint, sweet-pickled spices and star anise. 

Candy Rachenputzer Egger from my own experience: Really strong candies with almost black color, which taste like liquorice. The bag measures 17 x 12 cm and contains 21 candies. Each candy is individually wrapped in a cellophane, so that the strong smell and taste does not escape even after a long time from the open bag. The size of each throat cleaner cough drops is 2.2 x 1 cm.

The Rachenputzer Candy produced Austrian company Egger directly in Vienna. The family business Egger was founded in 1870 and 1907 the k.u.k. Court title as a supplier for Emperor Franz Joseph got.

Egger Rachenputzer sweets candy Vienna Austria

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