Ginger & Lemon Sweets Willi Dungl

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Ginger Lemon Sweets Willi Dungl 

Ginger & Lemon Sweets Willi Dungl. Herbal sweets sugar-free.

Ginger Lemon Sweets Willi Dungl 

Ginger and lemon Willi Dungl - herbal sweets soothing and refreshing for throat and throat with natural ginger & lemon oil. Sweets with herbs and sweeteners.

Ginger and lemon Willi Dungl Sweets Kalories Energy: 950 kj / 228 kcal (pro 100g)

Ginger and lemon Willi Dungl Ingredients Ingredients: sugar, acidifier: citric acid, natural menthol, eucalyptus extract, citrus extract, peppermint oil, lime extract, spearmint oil, natural flavors. Store dry and out of heat.

Ginger and lemon Willi Dungl Candies

Prof. Willi Dungl (1937 - 2002) is considered a pioneer of holistic health care. He supervised top athletes and founded the Biotrainingszentrum in Gars am Kamp. Willi Dungl wrote numerous books on this subject, which gave him the nickname Fitnesspapst.

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Ginger Lemon Sweets Willi Dungl

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