Firn Candy 1kg

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Sweets Firn 1kg

Refreshing Firn Candy - Austrian peppermint sweets with chocolate filling in XXL pack.

What do the typical alpine summits promise on Firn candy wrap the firn sweets? It is the refreshing minty taste that dominates these Austrian sweets. But in every candy is a sweet surprise: the chocolate core. No other sweets have this unique combination.

Candy Firn 1kg

There is probably no other candy in the world that combines cool refreshment and chocolate pleasure as well as Austrian Firn Candy. Cool taste of the peppermint and the deliciously crunchy chocolate filling. The well-known silver-colored winder on every candy makes these popular firn candies something very special. Firn sweets are simply delicious and refreshing at the same time.

Candy Firn from my own experience: The Firn candies have very pleasant taste, not so strong menthol, but with a refreshing and healing sensation in the mouth and throat. As a desultation at the end of the enjoyment you get the little sweet surprise with a small piece of chocolate.

The size of the Firn candy bag is 30 x 21 cm. Each candy is individually wrapped in protective paper so that the fragrance and the taste can not escape even after a long time from the opened bag. The size of each candy is 2.5 x 1.4 cm. In a bag are ca 90 pieces of candy.

Firn sweets are produced by the Austrian company Englhofer in Graz town. Franz S. Englhofer founded a sugar factory in Graz in 1909, and Englhofer sweets and candy: Wiener Zuckerl, Eiszapfen or Firn candy have since become very popular not only in Austria but worldwide. We are pleased to announce, that we deliver Austrian Firn Candy to USA, Great Britain (UK), Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore - and worldwide.

Sweets Firn 1kg candy XXL pack

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