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Candy Eiszapfen Sweets

Eiszapfen Candy Icicles Englhofer Made in Austria. Refreshing icicle sweets.

Eiszapfen Candy are the famous Austrian Icicles sweets. What is typical of the Icicle candies? Especially the strong taste of fresh icy air like in Antarctica. And then the typical oblong shape of the Icicle candies.

Candy Eiszapfen Sweets Austria

Eiszapfen candy from my own experience: When I smelled the candy, I felt the sweet chewing gum of childhood. In the mouth, this taste unfolded. Icicle candy combines a pleasant sweet taste and a refreshing acidity. The taste is mild and the candy remains very long in the mouth when suckling.

Sweets Eiszapfen Candy are produced by the Austrian company Englhofer in Graz town. Franz S. Englhofer founded a sugar factory in Graz in 1909, and Englhofer sweets and candy, Wiener Zuckerl, Eiszapfen Candy or Firn have since become very popular not only in Austria but worldwide. We are pleased to announce, that we deliver Austrian Sweets Eiszapfen Candy to USA, Great Britain (UK), Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan - and worldwide.

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Eiszapfen icicle candy Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid, flavoring, dye indigotin.

Eiszapfen candy calories energy pro 100g: 1649 kJ/388.

How is an icicle actually created?
An icicle is ice in the form of a pillar or a cone made of freezing drops somewhere on a roof or rock. The icicles may be thin, bent or rounded depending on weather, wind and temperature. It is important for another icicle to regrow when the snow melts and freezes several times.

Candy Eiszapfen Sweets Englhofer Austria Vienna

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