Breast caramels cough sweets Kaiser

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Breast caramels cough sweets Kaiser with 15 herbs and oils.

Breast caramels cough sweets Kaiser.

The 15 exquisite herbs, essential oils and menthol. Go with me on a discovery trip through the herb garden. Enjoy the knowledge of the plants with this proven recipe!

Many swear by cough sweets - or cough syrup, as they are called in Austria. Eucalyptus, sage, thyme, mint and other herbs have been used for centuries in the form of sweets as a home remedy for wheals in throat and throat. And so cough sweets with herbal ingredients also list the most popular sweets.

The oils contained in the plants - but also spicy honey, menthol and vitamin C - make sweets from sweets. Add to this the skillful composition of the ingredients and their gentle processing - this is the secret of savory cough sweets.

Kaiser company was founded in 1889 and is based in Bregenz on Lake Constance (Vorarlberg, Austria).

The company has the oldest active candy label in Austria as well as in German-speaking food retailers. It guarantees the best ingredients, refined recipes and conscientious processing.

Product Information:

Lactose free
Contains wheat glucose syrup
Free from maltodextrin from wheat
Contains no aroma of barley
Contains citric acid and ascorbic acid
GMOs / GMO-free
Vegan: yes, level A

Ingredients: sugar; Glucose syrup; Barley malt extract (10%); Herbal extracts; Essential oils; Natural herbal aroma with other natural flavors; Natural menthol; Vitamin C; Dyestuff: ammonia-sugar powder.

Calories Nutritional values 100g contained on average: 1669 Kj/393 kcal

Breast caramels cough sweets Kaiser

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