Organic Norderd Potatoe Vodka

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Organic Norderd Potatoe Vodka Austria.

Pure Organic Norderd Potatoe Vodka.

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Content: 0,7 Litre

Nørderd pure potato vodka /Origin: Lower Austria - Austria

Type: high quality vodka from the north of Austria with the unique character of the woodquarter organic potatoes

Taste: crystal clear and youthful. a tremendously strong and expressive aroma with delicate graphite ones and sweet marzipan and opulent on the palate yet soft. the new pure potato vodka norderd are experts and fans alike into raptures vodka from the field to distillation-norderd pure potato vodka-is just pure and honest.

Freshly harvested, hand-picked organic potatoes are collected from the soil, washed and fed into fine pulp. GMO-free yeast cultures then initiate the fermentation - 72 hours, during which the Spirit of the Waldviertler Bio Erdäpfel unfolds completely freely and freely. This is then frequently distilled, finely fired, filtered and diluted with water. A spirit from the earthy darkness of the Waldviertel - a spirit that exudes superficial illusions.

Crystal clear and youthful, an enormously pronounced and expressive aroma with delicate graphite notes and sweetish marzipan - opulent and still soft on the palate.

Organic Norderd Potatoe Vodka Pure

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