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Mountain Hay Spirit.

Mountain Hay Spirit (Schnapps).

Pure and unique pleasure from Tyrolean mountain meadows!

Our new Mountain-Hay specialties are very particular delicacies, which capture the fresh scent of high alpine flower meadows.

Alcohol content: 38%

Conten: 0,35 Litre 

About the Hay Spirit

For the production of the hay macerate, only absolutely pure and natural mountain hay is soaked for several weeks in pure alcohol. After the ingredients have passed into the alcohol, the mountain hay macerate is further processed, depending on the desired end-product:

For the Montain-Hay Spirit, the macerate is destilled, transferring the essential oils with their natural aromas of the herbs and flowers in the process. The result is the crystal-clear schnapps with the pure and intense aroma of a fresh mountain pasture.

The countless hay parties celebrated in later summer across the country see clubs display elaborate artworks made out of hay and farmers celebrate this most essential unit of their production.

However, the fun of hay is best shown by children: how they stand on the hayloft, gather a little courage and let themselves fall into the soft, fragrant cushion of hay Then get up again and climb the ladder to do it all again. 
Bring all these positive pictures and memories home with you and savor the spirit with your friends.

Tiroler Kräuter Destillerie (Tyrolean Herb Distillery) produces since 1916 real Tyrolean specialties of the best and natural quality: Purest brandies, fruity schnapps, real fruit juice liqueurs, original Tyrolean Jagatee, soothing herb bitters, clear herbal liqueurs, the unique and popular ice and fire liqueurs.
Since time immemorial, Tyrolean farmers have produced spirits from fruit, herbs, seeds, berries and roots - as elixirs of life and home remedies. The profound experience of the forefathers thus forms the basis for the good things we make.
Our principles of working preserve traditions. Many herbs, roots, seeds and berries come from the high pastures of the Tyrolean Mountains and are delivered by Tyrolean mountain farmers who focus on traditional farming and cultivation methods, in the most excellent and freshest quality. At Tiroler Kräuterdestillerie, these precious ingredients are steeped in alcohol and distilled after a long and careful maceration. This gentle proceeding preserves the precious substances of the plants, which makes the Tiroler Kräuterdestillerie products such unique delicacies!

All Kräuterdestillerie products are genuine Tyrolean! They are produced with a strong emphasis on natural and gentle processing - exclusively in Tyrol - and offer full and natural pleasure to all supporters of high quality standards.

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