Gold Apricot Schnaps Bailoni 1L

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Gold Apricot Schnaps Bailoni

Gold Apricot Schnaps Bailoni 1L buy online.

Gold Apricot Schnaps Bailoni buy online.

Original Bailoni Gold Apricot Schnaps - the apricot in its clearest form. The high-quality distillation process stands for true taste buds. For the production, the full-bodied apricots are gutted and mashed, fermented in a controlled, traditional way and then gently distilled three times. This creates a wonderful, fruitful apricot schnapps of particular quality.

Content: 1 Litre

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Original Gold Apricot Schnaps Bailoni.

Gold Apricot Schnaps Bailoni 1 Liter

The full-bodied apricots are pitted, mashed, controlled fermented and then fired by triple distillation to gold-apricot schnapps. On the state-of-the-art bottling line, the original Bailoni box bags are automatically filled, sealed, labeled and packaged.

The traditional family business Bailoni distilled since 1872 in its parent house in Krems-Stein, directly at the Danube. Bailoni is the first Wachauer apricot distillery.

Gold Apricot Schnaps Bailoni 1L

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