Egg Liqueur Horvath's 0,7L

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Egg Liqueur Austria

Creme Egg Liqueur Horvath's.

Egg liqueur with bourbon vanilla.

Eggs combined with whole milk, cream, sugar, alcohol, lemon zest, vanilla pods and bitter almond extracts result in this full-bodied specialty.

Alcohol: 17% vol.

Contents: 0.7 liters

Horvath’s Spezereyen Kontor is an Austrian family business dedicated to the production of Austrian potato vodka, gin and unique liqueur specialties.

Experience a taste experience that you won't forget: Horvath's egg liqueur. It's good to know that the best ingredients and tradition are still the measure of all things today. The full-bodied taste with many fine nuances is also perfect for refining bakeries or ice cream. Egg liqueur - a real Austrian specialty!

Vienna Eier Likör Horvath's 

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