Cornel Cherry Liqueur 0,5L

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Cornel Cherry Liqueur - Dirndllikör.

Cornel Cherry Liqueur.

Dirndln (Cornelian cherries) - the small red fruits that taste sweet and yet refreshing sweetheart are processed into the most delicious delicacies in the Dirndlhaus in Pielach Valley (Lower Austria).

Full-bodied, sweet-sourish dirndl flavor.

Dirndllikör over dessert, over ice, to the refinement of dressings, or simply pure enjoy.

Content: 0,5 Litre

The typical sour-fresh Dirndl fruit aromas harmonize wonderfully with the sweetness of the sugar and the bitter taste the alcohol in the liqueur. Through the preparation of the ripe fruits in alcohol, many health-promoting ingredients are transferred into the neck naps. This full flavor with sweet and sour components is not only popular in the Dirndl Valley.

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Cornel Cherry Liqueur