Fridge magnet Spanish Riding School

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Fridge magnet Spanish Riding School

Fridge magnet Spanish Riding School Vienna Austria Souvenir.

Fridge magnet Spanish Riding School - an ideal gift for your friends. Fridge magnet Spanish Riding School is a souvenir, a memory for you or your friends and acquaintances who will surely make a joy of the souvenir from Vienna.

Fridge magnet Spanish Riding School Vienna

Size: 5,5 x 8 cm

The Spanish Riding School of Vienna is the oldest riding school and the only institution in the world where classical riding has lived in the renaissance tradition of the "Hohenschule" for more than 450 years and continues to be cultivated - which is also part of the immaterial UNESCO cultural heritage of humanity. The Spanish Riding School originally served the equestrian education of the imperial family.

The Lipizzaner, the famous white stallions, trained at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and enchanting domestic and international horse lovers with their "white ballet", are being bred in Piber, the western Styrian Lipizzan mountain range.

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