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Cup Innsbruck 

Innsbruck cup - Souvenir from Tyrol Austria.

Material: porcelain
Size: 9,5 cm

Mug Innsbruck Tyrol

Enjoy tea or coffee in the afternoon from a beautiful mug that adorns Innsbruck. And even more - even such a small cup can beautify your living room or your kitchen.

Innsbruck is the federal capital of the state Tyrol, nestled between beautiful mountains, lies on the river Inn. The city of Innsbruck is named after the bridge over the Inn. Landmark of the city of Innsbruck is the Golden Roof. This balcony roof in Innsbruck's old town is covered with gilded copper shingles (all are original) and has always been used as a box seat for the emperor during solemn and social events. Golden Dachl dates from the 15th century. 

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