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Austrian Knife

Quality pocket knife Tyrol with engraved Tyrolean eagle and inscription Tirol on wooden handle. The Tirol pocket knife also contains many other useful tools: bottle opener, can opener, small saw, scissors, screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, stripping pliers, wine opener, piercing-drilling sewing awl (for drilling in wood or leather), small ring for hanging on the belt.

Knife Tyrol

The austrian pocket knife is made of stainless steel, has a length of 9 cm and a width of 2 cm. The handle is made of real wood and has a beautiful engraving of Tyrolean eagles. A great gift from Austria for men. For women we recommend a pink pocket knife in pink from Manner.

Tyrol is a country in the west of Austria, the federal capital of Tyrol is Innsbruck. Tourists from all over the world love Tyrol for impressive mountains and beautiful nature. That is why the pocket knife Tirol Gravur is very popular. In Tyrol you will also find glaciers, chamois, marmots, unique folk music or perfect ski slopes in winter. Tyrol's highest mountain, the Grossglockner, is also located.

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Austrian knife Tyrol Multifunction

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