Mariazell 3D Building

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Mariazell 3D Building

Mariazell Mini 3D Souvenir.

Size: 5,5 x 6 x 4 cm.

3D Miniatur Mariazell Souvenir

Stehfigur Mariazell Souvenir kaufen online.

Kleine Miniatur Basilika von Mariazell.

Mariazell in northern Styria is the most important and most visited pilgrimage site in Austria. According to tradition, Mariazell was founded on December 21, 1157. A building inscription above the main portal with the year 1200 suggests that this is the time when construction of the Romanesque chapel began. The basilica of Mariazell has two centers: the sacred one of the Chapel of Grace and the artistic one of the Fischer von Erlach high altar. The centerpiece that outshines everything is the miraculous image, a late Romanesque statue of the Mother of God carrying the child on her right arm (Magna Mater Austriæ - also known as the Bell Madonna -, a 48 cm tall sculpture made of lime wood).

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3D Building Mariazell Souvenirshop Austria

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