Postcard Gustav Klimt The Kiss (Vintage)

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Gustav Klimt

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Postcard Gustav Klimt: The Kiss unused

Postcard Gustav Klimt: The Kiss - unused Postcard Gustav Klimt.

Postcard Gustav Klimt: Kiss - an ideal gift for your friends. Postcard Gustav Klimt: Kiss is a souvenir, a memory for you or your friends and acquaintances who will surely make a joy of the souvenir from Vienna.

Postcard Gustav Klimt: The Kiss

Postcard Gustav Klimt: The Kiss, Souvenir Vienna Austria.

Postcard Gustav Klimt Size: 15 x 10 cm

Material: special cardboard 2 mm thick

Postcard Gustav Klimt The Kiss

Gustav Klimt (1862 Vienna - Vienna 1918) is the great, defining figure of the Austrian century art. Klimt is undoubtedly the most important artist of the art nouveau in Austria, but also occupies an important position on an international scale.

1907-1908 Klimt's most famous painting, The Kiss. It was shown in the Kunstschau Wien in 1908 and by k.k. Ministry of Culture and Education.

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Unused Postcard Gustav Klimt: The Kiss Postcards Vienna Austria Souvenir

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