Wild Boar Salami

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Wild Boar Sausages

Air-dried and smoked wild boar salami - wild boar sausages. Four smaller sausages made from air-dried and smoked wild boar meat. The meat comes from the Tyrolean woods and is free from flavor enhancers.

From my own experience: Wild boar sausages are quite tender to the bite, but are of course made from dried meat. The taste surprised me pleasantly, it is very strong, spicy, although no flavor enhancers such as glutamate are used. While chewing, the whole taste unfolds even more.

The dried sausages should be stored at room temperature up to 22 ° C, then in the refrigerator after opening.

Austrian family company Ager is located in the Tyrolean region between Kitzbühl and Kufstein. The family company was founded in 1971 by Josef Ager.

Wildschweinwürste Tirol Wildbrett Österreich

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