Tyrolean Mountain Sausage Handl Tyrol

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Tyrolean Mountain Sausage Handl Tyrol - Tiroler Bergwurz.

Tyrolean Mountain Sausage Handl Tyrol.

Hard to believe, but the story of the Tyrolean Kaminwurzerl Sausage begins more than a century ago, with the invention of the Tyrolean house sausage (Boxerle). No wonder it is now considered the epitome of Tyrolean uncooked sausage.

Tyrolean Mountain Sausage: made by hand, smoked over beech wood, aird-dried in mountain air.

Handl Tyrol is an Austrian family-owned company headquartered in Pians, Tyrol, that specialises in the production of original Tyrolean ham, uncooked sausage and roast specialities. At the beginning of the last century, in 1902, Karl C. Handl started his own butcher operation in Pians, Tyrol.

Storage: does not require refrigeration.

Tyrolean Mountain Sausage Handl Tyrol

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