Sparkling Wine Gold Inführ 0,75L

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Sparkling Wine

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Sparkling Wine Gold Inführ.

Sparkling Wine Gold Inführ.

The well known producer Inführ from Klosterneuburg near Vienna is the most popular and most award winning producer of this kind.

The tiny golden pieces are absolutely drinkable.

23 carat beaten gold dance in every glass - a symphony for the eyes. Very fruity (apples, lemon fruits), dry on the palate - perfect for every occasion and a great gift.

Content: 0,75 Litre

Inführ is one of the leading producers of sekt in Austria. Infuehr is an old and well-established company with roots going back to the 19th century. Over 150 years of experience have created a state-of-the-art enterprise for sparkling wine production, comprising a range of companies from the Austrian Champagnerfabrik AG in Brunn and the sparkling wine producers Etti and Keidel& Schrauth to the modern company Infuehr.
Karl Infuehr was a pioneer in the field of mass production of sparkling wine and wine coolers. The high quality of the sparkling wine produced with this method is recognized today around the world and has received many awards.

Sparkling Wine Gold Inführ Austria

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