Nougat christman decoration - Manner´s stars

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Nougat christman decoration - Manner´s stars

Nougat christman decoration - Manner´s stars

Chocolate stars filled with delicious nougat.

14 pieces in a bag

Our own pesonal experience with nougat tree decorations: the only question is - how to keep them until Christmas? These Manner decorations are based on quality, the excellent milk chocolate filled with fine hazelnut nougat is simply… fantastic! In our home we always decorate the Christmas tree with Manner Christmas decorations but they have the terrible habit to disappear overnights… Therefore, we recommend buying more bags.

We also recommend you other Manner´s or Casali´s sweet Christmas decorations, for example dark chocolate hearts filled with strawberry fondant, pralines with milk cream or cute chocolate „little presents“ with hazelnut cream.

Manner is the most famous wafer manufacturer in Austria. The family company Manner has been operating since 1898 and is based in Vienna.

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