Nougatcreme Knödel Manner

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Nougatcreme Knödel Manner

Sweet pralines in the shape of little dumplings made out of nougat creme with crispy wafer pieces.

The box contains 18 pieces of nougat creme "Knödel", each carefully wrapped in see-through cellophane with the pink Manner logo on it.

From personal experience: The distrust I had in the beginning quickly dissapeared, when I tasted these for the first time. The nougat creme pralines taste amazing, they are really quite sweet, but they slowly melt away on your tongue and you immeadiately want an another after the previous one. I'm not sure, with what I should compare these little dumplings with, they are quite original and I haven't seen anything like them on the market before. They aren't as solid as e.g. Mozart balls (Mozartkugeln), but taste wise they are probably the nearest to them. The tiny pieces of crispy wafers add a lot of pleasant texture.

The measures of the nougat creme Knödel are: diameter 2.5cm (ca 0.8 inches), the whole box: 18.5 x 11 x 6 cm (7.2 x 4.3 x 2.4 inches).

Ingredients: Sugar, hazel nuts 20%, cocoa mass, vegetable fats (coco, palm), fat-free cocoa powder, wheat flour, cocoa butter, lecithine (soy), aroma, baking powder Sodium bicarbonate, salt.

Manner Nougatcreme Knödel dumplings

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