Chocolate Sweet greetings from Lower Austria

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Organic Chocolate Sweet greetings from Lower Austria

Dark milk chocolate filled with cherry cream, almond nougat with caramelized poppy seeds.

Organic Chocolate Zotter

This colorful chocolate makes an excellent gift with a beautiful image of a typical Lower Austrian landscape, with the forests of the Waldviertel in the background and the fields, meadows and vineyards of the Weinviertel or Mostviertel in the foreground.

The proportion of the individual ingredients is 30% cherry cream, 25% nougat cream and 5% poppy seeds. All ingredients are organic, grown without fertilizers or sprays.

The size of the chocolate is 12 x 5.4 x 1.3 cm.

We recommend buying more colorful Zotter chocolates, for example in the following flavors: mulled wine, punch, apricots with pumpkin seeds or marzipan with pumpkin seeds.

The family business Zotter is the best-known Austrian manufacturer of organic chocolate. It is based in Styria and has been producing quality chocolate since 1987.

Organic Chocolate Austria

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