Organic Stone Pine Shower Gel Unterweger

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Organic Stone Pine Shower Gel from Tyrol.

Organic Stone Pine Shower Gel Unterweger.

Organic Stone Pine Shower Gel with guaranteed genuine organic stone pine oil from controlled organic agriculture.
Organic stone pine shower gel promotes the natural balance of body and soul. Soft shower delight.

Content: 250 ml

- to start relaxed and concentrated in the day
- nourishes and soothes the skin
- refreshes and stimulates the circulation of the skin

Get the scent of the Alps to your home!

Stone Pines grow only from a height of 1800 to 2200 meters above sea level. Stone Pine produces by the slow growth sufficiently essential ingredients which are of excellent quality.

The stone is a tree of the Alps. It is adapted to the harsh climatic conditions like no other and keeps frosts below -40 ° C. Because of its adaptability and the occurrence in the high alpine area, the Swiss stone pine is considered the "Queen of the Alps".

The Swiss stone pine has a particularly pleasant, soothing aroma. The Stone Pine scent has a soothing, anti-circulation and anti-bacterial effect.

Unterweger Tyrolean company produces natural cosmetics from mountain herbs and whistling ointment. The company was founded already in 1886 by the brothers Johann and Ignaz Unterweger.

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Organic Stone Pine Shower Gel Unterweger Zirbe

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